Consumo de alcohol en el adulto mayor chileno que viaja.

Chung Bin Yu C, Verónica Rojas A, Macarena Zalaquett R, Romina Torres S, Cristián Ramírez C, Fernando Román O, Marcela Carrasco, Homero Gac E, Sebastián Valderrama C, Pedro Paulo Marín L


Background: Problems associated with alcohol consumption are prevalent in Chile, but little is known about the situation in the elderly. Aim: To perform a screening to detect alcohol-related problems and risks in the Chilean older people who travel. Material and methods: The Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) questionnaire was answered by 1076 travelers aged 60 to 93 years (66% females), who participated in trips organized by the Chilean National Tourism Service (SERNATUR). Results: Seventy six percent of respondents acknowledged to have ingested an alcoholic drink during the last month. The average AUDIT score was of 2.2 ± 2.6. Only 3.7% of the sample had a score equal or higher than eight, considered as risky use. Within this last group, 60% had symptoms of alcohol dependence. A higher alcohol consumption was associated with male gender (p<0.01), being younger than 75 years of age (p<0.01), having a medium-low economic income (p<0.01) and having a higher education level (p=0.03). There was no significant association with the respondents´ occupation. Conclusions: In this sample of Chilean traveling older people, there was a high prevalence of alcohol consumption, and nearly 4% of respondents had alcohol related problems.

Palabras clave

Aged; Alcoholism; Alcohol drinking

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