Criterios de Médicos Tratantes para indicar Instalación de Gastrostomía en Pacientes con Demencia Avanzada

María Bernardita Portales V


Background: Decision making concerning patients with advanced dementia is complicated. The indication of a gastrostomy is among these hard decisions, especially considering that there is no consensus about its real benefit. Aim: To explore the criteria used by Chilean physicians to indicate a gastrostomy in patients with advanced dementia. Material and methods: A questionnaire about the decision making to indicate a gastrostomy was delivered to 72 physicians working in public and private hospitals. Results: The survey was answered by 43 physicians. Fifty one percent had indicated a gastrostomy to patients with advanced dementia in the last year, 79% believed that gastrostomy reduces the risk of aspiration pneumonia, 50% thought that gastrostomy helps in bed sore healing and 74% believed that gastrostomy improves survival. Conclusions: The majority of physicians who answered the survey think that gastrostomy will improve the health status of patients with advanced dementia.

Palabras clave

Bioethics; Dementia; Gastrostomy

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