Prevalencia de intento de suicidio adolescente y factores de riesgo asociados en una comuna rural de la provincia de Concepción.

Mario Valdivia, Daniel Silva, Felix Sanhueza, Felix Cova, Roberto Melipillán


Background: Suicide mortality rates are increasing among teenagers. Aim: To study the prevalence and predictive factors of suicide attempts among Chilean adolescents. Material and methods: A random sample of 195 teenagers aged 16 ± 1 years (53% males) answered an anonymous survey about their demographic features, substance abuse, the Osaka suicidal ideation questionnaire, Smilksten familial Apgar. Beck hopelessness scale, Beck depression scale and Coppersmith self-esteem inventory. Results: Twenty five percent of respondents had attempted suicide at least in one occasion during their lives. These attempts were significantly associated with female gender, absent parents, family dysfunction, drug abuse, smoking, low self-esteem, hopelessness, depression and recent suicidal ideation. A logistic regression analysis accepted female gender, smoking and recent suicidal ideation as significant independent predictors of suicide attempt. Conclusions: Suicide attempted is common among teenagers and its predictors are female sex, smoking and previous suicidal ideation.

Palabras clave

Adolescent; Psychology, adolescent; Suicide, attempted

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