Validación estadística del cuestionario QLQ-H&N35 en pacientes con cáncer de cabeza y cuello, Instituto Nacional del Cáncer

Marcela Carcamo, Valentina Campo, Daniela Behrmann, Claudia Celedón, Álvaro Alvear, Pablo Vásquez, Cristóbal Araya


Background: Head and neck cancer affects esthetic and anatomical parameters, causing pain and functional impotence, affecting vital functions such as eating and breathing, hampering the quality of life of patients. EORTC - QLQ - C30 questionnaire with its supplementary module QLQ - H & N35 evaluates the quality of life of these patients. Aim: To statistically validate the QLQ-H & N35 questionnaire in patients with head and neck cancer. Material and methods: In a cross-sectional study, we studied patients with head and neck cancer who attended a rehabilitation unit. Reliability was measured using Cronbach's ? and validity was determined by the diagnostic efficiency of the QLQ-H & N35 scale as compared with the SF-36 quality of life survey. A Receiver Operational Characteristic (ROC) curve was generated. Results: The Cronbach's ? global internal consistency of the questionnaire was > 0.70 and its discrimination capacity was 74.2%, which are considered acceptable. Conclusions: These results confirm the statistical validity of the QLQ-H & N35 questionnaire, specifically for patients with head and neck cancer in Chile.

Palabras clave

Head and Neck Neoplasms; Quality of Life; Validation Studies

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