Efectos de un entrenamiento intervalado de Alta Intensidad en la capacidad aeróbica de adolescentes

Álvaro Huerta Ojeda, Sergio Galdames Maliqueo, Marianela Cataldo Guerra, Guillermo Barahona Fuentes, Tania Rozas Villanueva, Pablo Cáceres Serrano


Background: If aerobic capacity is stimulated early in life, maximal oxygen consumption during adulthood is assured. Aim: To analyze the effects of a high intensity interval training (HIIT) in adolescents on the maximal oxygen consumption (VO2max) measured using the 20-m shuttle run test (20mSRT). Material and methods: Twenty eight teenagers aged 13 ± 0.6 years were divided in two groups of 14 subjects each. One group was to a 16 sessions of HIIT interval training based on their individual maximal aerobic speed and the other continued with their usual exercise done at school. At baseline and the end of the intervention VO2max was measured using the 20mSTR. Results: At the end of the intervention, the trained teenagers significantly improved their VO2max and the time spent in the 20mSTR. Conclusions: A HIIT program based on the individual maximal aerobic speed improves VO2max in adolescents.

Palabras clave

Adolescent; Exercise; Oxygen Consumption

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