¿Se relaciona la capacitación docente con las prácticas pedagógicas en académicos de carreras de la salud de Chile?

Diego Troncoso-G, Cristhian Pérez-V, Giulietta Vaccarezza-G, César Aguilar-A, Nadia Muñoz-N


Background: University teachers prioritize acquiring knowledge about their disciplines over pedagogic training. However, the latter is becoming increasingly important in the present teaching scenario. Aim: To relate pedagogic practices with pedagogic training of teachers from health care careers of public and private universities. Material and methods: Pedagogic practice and training activities participation questionnaires were answered by 296 teachers of undergraduate students from Chilean public and private universities. Results: There was a direct correlation between discipline training and all pedagogic practice factors. However, pedagogic training correlated with all the factors with the exception of teacher centered learning. Teachers with a master degree had higher scores in factors related to teaching planning and process assessment. Having a doctor degree had no impact on these factors. A multiple regression analysis showed that both discipline and pedagogic training and having a master degree were associated with pedagogic practices of teachers. Conclusions: Both pedagogic and discipline training influence the quality of teaching provided by undergraduate teachers.

Palabras clave

Education, Medical; Faculty, Medical; Programmed Instruction as Topic; Staff Development; Teaching

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