Monoartritis del codo e infarto óseo como presentación inicial de Enfermedad Linfoproliferativa

Paulina Díaz Asencio, Oscar Contreras Olea, Josefina Durán Santa Cruz


We report a 68 years old woman presenting with pain and swelling in her left elbow. An elbow magnetic resonance with gadolinium evidenced bone marrow infiltration and a bone infarct. Given these findings, a body CT scan was performed which showed multiple mesenteric adenopathies and a large retroperitoneal mass. A lymph node biopsy confirmed a B cell Lymphoma. Monoarthritis with no systemic manifestations represents a highly uncommon form of presentation of lymphoma. Moreover it usually affects inferior limbs, particularly in the presence of bone infarction.

Palabras clave

Arthritis; Bone Marrow Diseases; Elbow; Lymphoma; Lymphoproliferative Disorders

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