Efectividad de la simulación en la educación médica desde la perspectiva de seguridad de pacientes

Patricia Moya, Maxy Ruz, Elisa Parraguez L, Verónica Carreño E, Ana María Rodríguez C, Patricia Froes M


We herein review the association between patients’ safety and simulation methods for medical education. This evidence should help to change the present paradigm in medical education, where there is still reticence towards this education method. A total of 20 papers on the subject were reviewed. Ninety percent of these articles conclude that simulation contributes to patient safety, 5% conclude that the evidence is uncertain and 5% conclude that the effects will be seen in the next decade. Thus, the majority of papers support the use of simulation in medical education as a method that improves patients' safety.

Palabras clave

Education; Education, Medical; Safety; Simulation Training

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