Impacto de la aplicación del enfoque de Autorregulación del aprendizaje sobre los resultados en asignaturas de corte científico en estudiantes de medicina de la Universidad Finis Terrae.

Carolina Williams, Lucía Santelices, Mario Ávila, Mauricio Soto, Alberto Dougnac


Background: Students should be encouraged to become reflexive and develop autonomous, lifelong learning habits. Therefore, teachers should focus on learning strategies which stimulate autonomous learning. Aim: To assess the impact of a self-directed teaching methodology on the academic performance of medical students in cellular biology and biochemistry. Materials and methods: During 2013, 85 students received a traditional teaching methodology and during 2014, 85 students received a self-directed learning methodology. The grades obtained and the number of failures in the courses of cellular biology and biochemistry were compared in both groups. Results: The percentages of students approved at the end of the courses during 2013 and 2014 were 64 and 96% respectively (p<0.01). The grades obtained by the 2014 students were also significantly higher than those obtained by 2013 students. Conclusions: This study confirms that academic performance improves with a self-directed teaching approach.

Palabras clave

Education, Medical; Education, Medical, Undergraduate; Learning; Teaching

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