Endocarditis Marántica como presentación de Cáncer de Páncreas. Caso Clínico y Revisión de la Literatura.

Alejandra Salinas G, Luis Bustamante H, Fernando Lanas Z, Álvaro Soto V, María Angélica García B, Constanza Bartolotti H


Marantic or nonbacterial thrombotic endocarditis is characterized for the presence of vegetations formed by a meshwork of fibrin and other cellular material similar a blood clot, without the presence of microorganisms. It is often related with tumors and chronic inflammatory states. We report a 49 years old female with a history of weight loss and asthenia, presenting with multiple cerebrovascular attacks and fever. Blood cultures were negative and the fever did not subside with antibiotic treatment. Trans esophageal echocardiogram showed a mitral valve vegetation and thickening of the free edge of both leaflets. In search of the etiology of such a case, a primary pancreatic cancer with distant metastases was found. We cannot rule out the differential diagnosis with bacterial endocarditis with negative blood cultures, although the clinical context supports a non-infectious etiology.

Palabras clave

Endocarditis, Non-Infective; Pancreatic Neoplasm; Paraneoplastic Syndromes; Stroke

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