Control de calidad de los médicos que inician el ejercicio profesional en Chile. Declaración de la Academia Chilena de Medicina del Instituto de Chile.

Humberto Reyes B., Colomba Norero V., María Eugenia Pinto C., Osvaldo Llanos L., Sergio Morán V., Miguel O'Ryan G., Marcelo Wolff R.


The Chilean Academy of Medicine supports the 2009 law by which all medical graduates from Chile as well as from foreign countries that wish to start their medical practice should have approved the National Board Examination in Medicine (“Eunacom”). Success in this examination of basic clinical knowledge and competences is mandatory to become attending physicians at the Public Health Care System and to apply to state-funded postgraduate education. Annually, about 90% Chilean graduates approve this examination, while no more than 20 % of foreign graduates do. Given the shortage of primary care physicians, some members of the Parliament have proposed to simplify the test or to exempt foreign medical graduates from it in order to broaden the coverage of primary care and decrease the waiting lists. The Chilean Academy of Medicine considers this shortcut strategy as dangerous for the Chilean population and unfair for our graduates. This Declaration has been sendto the National Health Authorities, to Deans of all Medical Schools, and to public press media.

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Education, medical; Licensure, medical; Professional practice; Quality assurance, health care

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