Módulos Interactivos en línea de semiología médica. Una herramienta para estan-darizar el aprendizaje clínico.

Alejandro González, Bryan Vargas, Vicente González, Ignacio Reyes, Alberto Sarfatis


Background: The learning process for medical semiology depends on multidisciplinary teaching activities, including simulation tools. These tools should achieve a standardization level aiming at a same level of basic knowledge in each student. Aim: To evaluate an interactive online semiology learning tool. Material and methods: An interactive online learning method for medical semiology was developed. It focused mainly on physical examination and incorporated audiovisual and self-explanatory elements, to strengthen the acquisition of skills and basic knowledge for each standardized clinical learning simulation session. Subsequently, a satisfaction survey was conducted. Also the performance of students in a clinical examination was compared with that of students of the previous year. Results: Student satisfaction was outstanding, and there was a significant improvement in the performance on the final exam. Conclusions: The use of interactive self-learning online content for medical semiology provides an effective tool to improve student learning.

Palabras clave

Education, Medical; Education, Medical, Undergraduate; Physical Examination; Simulation Training

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