Disminución de la grasa corporal mediante ejercicio físico intermitente de alta intensidad en sujetos con sobrepeso u obesidad

Catalina Molina, Gabriela Cifuentes, Cristian Martínez, Rodrigo Mancilla, Erik Díaz


Background: The search of efficient exercise alternatives to treat obesity is worthwhile. Aim: To demonstrate the effect of high intensity intermittent exercise on body fat reduction in overweight and obese subjects. Material and methods: A group of 65 overweight and obese adult subjects (25 men), aged 18-65 years, participated during 12 weeks in a high intensity physical exercise program, 3 days/week. Weight, height and body fat was measured before and after the intervention by bioimpedance. Each session consisted of 1 min stationary cycling exercise at high intensity, followed by 2 min inactive rest. This cycle was repeated 10 times, thus the method is called 1*2*10. Results: There was a significant reduction of body fat of -1.88 ± 2.8 and -3.44 ± 2.7 kg, in women and men, respectively (p<0.05). Conclusions: The 1*2*10 training protocol lasting 12 weeks is effective in reducing body fat in overweight persons.

Palabras clave

Adipose Tissue; Exercise; Exercise Movement Techniques; Obesity; Physical Education and Training

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