Santos y Beatos de la Medicina en las grandes guerras del Siglo XX

María Agustina Martini, Bárbara C Finn, Julio E Bruetman, Pablo Young


In the political and social context of World War periods and unstoppable technological advances, health professionals in the early twentieth century tried to orientate the practice of medicine towards a modern anthropological concept close to the biomedical perspective, which defends the dignity of a person. Threatened by the risks represented by collectivism and the meanness of the prevailing repressive governments, a personal struggle for the defense of life aroused, which was socially expressed by the advent of bioethics, psychoanalytic theories and the concept that environment has an important role in people’s health and welfare. And above all, the appearance of a paradoxical claim of religious ideals as support of science in times of overall crisis.

Palabras clave

Doctors; History of Medicine; History, 20th Century; Warfare; World Wars; World War I; World War II

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