Validación del inventario de envejecimiento exitoso en personas mayores chilenas

Lorena Gallardo-Peralta, Alejandro Cuadra-Peralta, Ximena Cámara-Rojo, Betty Gaspar-Deplino, Renato Sánchez-Lillo


Background: There is a paucity of adequate and validated instruments for the measurement of successful aging for geriatric researchers in Chile. Aim: To validate the “Successful Aging Inventory” (SAI) in Chilean older people. Material and methods: SAI was answered by 777 older people aged 70 ± 7 years (63% women) living in urban and rural areas, including the highlands of a Northern desert region of Chile. Results: A Cronbach alfa of 0.92 was obtained for the general dimension of successful aging. The figures for each dimension included in the theoretical model (functional performance, intrapsychic factors, gero-transcendence; spirituality; purpose and life satisfaction), and ranged from 0.66 to 0.91. Confirmatory factorial analysis showed that the original inventory model, fits with the data collected from Chilean people. Conclusions: Successful Aging Inventory (SAI) is a reliable and adequate inventory, which can be used in Chilean older people.

Palabras clave

Aging; Geriatrics; Surveys and Questionnaires

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