Aspectos motivacionales involucrados en el aprendizaje autodirigido en estudiantes de medicina. Un enfoque cualitativo.

Eduardo Fasce H, Javiera Ortega B, Pilar Ibáñez G, Carolina Márquez U, Cristhian Pérez V, Carolina Bustamante D, Liliana Ortiz M, Olga Matus B, Nancy Bastías V, Camila Espinoza P


Background: Motivation is an essential aspect in the training process of medical students. The association that motivation can have with learning self-regulation is of utmost importance for the design of curriculum, teaching methods and evaluation. Aim: To describe the motivational aspects of self-directed learning among medical students from a traditional Chilean University. Material and Methods: A qualitative, descriptive study based on grounded theory of Strauss and Corbin. Twenty 4th and 5th year medical students were selected using a maximum variation sampling technique. After obtaining an informed consent, semi-structured interviews and field notes were carried out. Data were analyzed to the level of open coding through Atlas-ti 7.5.2. Results: From the student point of view, personal motivational aspects are linked to the search for information, constant updating, the perception of the physician-patient relationship and interest in subject matters. From the scope of teachers, a main issue is related to their ability to motivate students to develop independent study skills. Conclusions: Personal motivational aspects facilitate the development of independent study skills, specifically in the search of information. The role of teachers is crucial in promoting these skills and the perception of medical students from their learning process.

Palabras clave

Learning; Motivation; Students, Medical

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