¿Es suficiente el recurso humano nutricionista en el sistema hospitalario público en Chile?: Una deuda pendiente

Mirta Crovetto M


Background: Human resource deficit is an important management problem in Chilean public hospitals Aim: To analyze the adequacy of Nutritionist (Dietician) resources in public hospitals. Material and methods: A questionnaire about Nutritionist resources was sent to head Nutritionists of all public Chilean hospitals, asking about the number of Nutritionists per service, number of hospital beds and number of daily rations served. Results were analyzed based on the Technical Guideline about Nutritional and Feeding Services of public hospitals issued by the Chilean Ministry of Health in 2005. Results: According to the guideline, there should be 1396 nutritionists working in public hospitals and the results of the survey showed that there were only 603 professionals with a 57% deficit. Conclusions: There is a huge gap between the amount of Nutritionists (Dieticians) required and those effectively working in public hospitals.

Palabras clave

Dieticians; Health Resources; Nutrition; Public health administration

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