Suicidio y cirugía bariátrica: un estudio de la evidencia

Arturo Roizblatt, Daniel Roizblatt, Francisca Soto-Aguilar B


Bariatric surgery is considered the most effective treatment for severe obesity and its benefits include improvement in medical comorbidities.. However, a higher rate of suicides after this type of surgery has been reported. We performed a literature review on the subject, and concluded that the mentioned increase in suicide rates, compared to the general population, is probably caused by conditions that the patient had before surgery, especially psychiatric disorders such as depression or eating disorders. These are risk factors for suicide, and are more common in the population with indication for bariatric surgery. Therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly evaluate these patients before surgery searching for suicide risk factors, deriving them to a mental health professional if necessary and follow their mental health after surgery. Considering that the literature on the topic is inconsistent, further research is needed.

Palabras clave

Bariatric Surgery; Depression; Obesity; Suicide

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