El Profesor Doctor Hernán Alessandri Rodríguez (1900-1980)

Humberto Reyes


Hernán Alessandri M.D. was an astounding clinician and a leading medical educator, born in Santiago in 1900 where he died in 1980. He received his medical degree at the University of Chile in 1923, became Professor of Clinical Medicine in 1932, Full Professor and Chair of Internal Medicine in 1944. At the Hospital del Salvador, in Santiago, he chaired a teaching Department and a Clinical Service that was an example for its academic environment and dedication to patients and students. From 1958 to 1962 he was Dean of the University of Chile Faculty of Medicine, conducting a reform of teaching curricula and organizing medical residency programs for the training of specialists, originally started in his own Service in 1952. The American College of Physicians awarded him the first foreign Honorary Membership. He was a founding Member of the Chilean Academy of Medicine (1964). In 1973 the University of Chile awarded him the Emeritus Professor status. He was considered by his peers, alumni and patients a brilliant clinician and an exceptional medical educator. Since 1980 a Social and Teaching Foundation bears his name and in 2014, with the occasion of the XXXV Chilean Congress of Internal Medicine, the Sociedad Médica de Santiago – Chilean Society of Internal Medicine created an annual lecture to render tribute to distinguished physicians and his name was one of the two selected to inaugurate them.

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Education, medical; Famous persons; History of Medicine, 20th Century

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