Unidades de Atención Primaria en oftalmología en Chile: historia y funciones.

Benjamín Riesco Urrejola, Victor Sáez, Santiago Escobar, Fernando Barría, Rodrigo Donoso, Constanza Gil


The access to ophthalmological care in Chile has been historically a problem. Only at the end of the twentieth century concrete solutions were promoted. In 1960, Primary Care Ophthalmologic Units were created to ease the access to ophthalmology, due to the efforts of Professor Juan Arentsen. Their functioning was organized and standardized subsequently using a model proposed by the Chilean Ophthalmologic Society, leading to a better patient flow and reducing waiting lists. These units became an innovative initiative to reduce the gaps in Chilean public health, optimizing the professional and infrastructural assets of the public health care system and achieving a new organization for the ophthalmological health care net.

Palabras clave

Chile; Ophthalmology; Primary Health Care; Public Health

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