Actualización en depresión postparto: El desafío permanente de optimizar su detección y abordaje.

Constanza Mendoza Bermúdez, Sandra Saldivia


Postpartum depression (PPD) is a common condition worldwide and most of the available information is about treatment rather than prevention. This paper is an update on prevention and treatment of PPD. A simple review of the literature and a critical review of papers’ methodology and conclusions was carried out. There is a consensus of the preeminence of psychosocial factors in the genesis of PPD. Considering the complications when the condition is not treated, it is of the utmost importance to implement early detection and management strategies. The use of psychosocial preventive interventions is an alternative that has support in the literature and should be seriously considered.

Palabras clave

Depression Postpartum; Prevention; Risk factors; Therapeutics

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