Malnutrición por exceso: alta prevalencia de sobrepeso y obesidad en escolares chilenos con síndrome de Down

Lily Jimenez, Jaime Cerda, Gigliola Alberti, Macarena Lizama


Background: Overweight and obesity in Down syndrome (DS) is a common problem. Chile has a high prevalence of DS. Aim: To determine overweight and obesity rates in students with DS and evaluate the concordance of three different growth charts. Material and methods: Seventy nine students with DS aged between 6 and 18 years (56% males), from three different schools, were included. Weight and height were measured and their body mass index (BMI) was calculated. The nutritional diagnosis was made according to BMI. Myrelid SDM/2002, National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS)/2000, World Health Organization (WHO)/2007 charts for people with DS were used. Results: Thirty percent of participants had hypothyroidism, 22.8% congenital heart disease and 5% asthma. Overweight and obesity rates according to SDM/2002, NCHS/2000 and WHO/2007 were 43, 57 and 66% respectively. The concordance between WHO/2007 and NCHS/2000 was almost perfect, but not with SDM/2002. Conclusions: A high rate of overweight and obesity was found in this group of Children with DS, independent of the charts used or their comorbidities.

Palabras clave

Children; Down syndrome; Growth charts; Overweight; Obesity

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