Asociación entre los polimorfismos 5HTTLPR, uMAOA y Depresión en una cohorte de pacientes de atención primaria.

Romina Rojas, Benjamín Vicente, Sandra Saldivia, Roberto Melipillan, Geraldine Aedo, Nain Hormazábal, Ana Carroza


Background: Serotonin plays a central role regulating mood and on the development of depressive disorders. Aim: To study whether 5HTTLPR functional polymorphisms in the serotonin transporter gene or the Monoamine oxidase A gene (uMAOA) were risk markers for depression. Material and methods: The Composite International Diagnostic Interview (CIDI) was applied to 1602 consultants in primary health care centers aged between 18 and 75 years to establish the diagnosis of depression. A sample of saliva was obtained for DNA extraction and genetic analyses. Results: No association between the presence of depressive disorders and 5HTTLPR (ss) or uMAOA (3/3) risk genotypes was found. Psychological abuse and the presence of two or more life events were found to be predictors of depression in the studied sample. Conclusions: In this study, 5HTTLPR and uMAOA polymorphisms were not risk factors for depression. However, psychological abuse and the presence of two or more life events were risk factors for depressive disorders.

Palabras clave

Depression; Polymorphism, genetic; Serotonin

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