Factores de riesgo de ocurrencia y gravedad de malformaciones congénitas.

Andrea Canals C, Gabriel Cavada C, Julio Nazer H


Background: The relative importance of congenital malformations as a cause of death in the first year of life is increasing along with the control of preventable causes of perinatal mortality. Aim: To identify risk factors for congenital malformations. Patients and methods: Retrospective case-control study of births registered in the database of The Latin American Collaborative Study of Congenital Malformations (ECLAMC), in the period 2001 - 2010. Results: Birth weight and gestational age were significantly lower in cases than controls, behaving as risk factors and associated with a greater severity of congenital malformations. The risk and severity of congenital malformations increased along with mother’s age. Fetal growth retardation, a history of congenital malformations in the family, physical factors and acute illnesses of the mother in the first trimester of pregnancy were also significant risk factors for congenital malformations and their severity. The educational level of the mother was a protective factor for congenital malformations and their severity. Conclusions: Variables previously identified as risk factors for congenital malformations, were significantly related with the occurrence of congenital malformations and their severity.

Palabras clave

Congenital abnormalities; Hospital, Maternity; Risk factors

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