¿Salud Pública o Privada? Los factores más importantes al evaluar el sistema de salud en Chile.

Pedro Aravena L, Manuel Inostroza P


Background: There is a great degree of dissatisfaction with the Chilean health care system. Aim: To investigate which are the most relevant perceived factors when the health care system is evaluated. Material and methods: Analysis of a survey about the Chilean health care system carried out during 2011, 2012 and 2013, involving 2801 respondents. Results: The response capacity of emergency systems was the main factor considered for the evaluation of public and private health care systems. Respondents who were affiliated to private insurance systems also took into consideration the quality of medical infrastructure. Conclusions: There are different factors considered when public or private health care systems are evaluated.

Palabras clave

Delivery of health care; Public Health; Public Opinion; Chile

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