El médico virtuoso en el cine: el examen final

Gustavo Figueroa


The virtuous doctor has subscribed an oath and by subscribing to this solemn promise, he is committed to live in accordance with the purposes, obligations and virtues established in the medical profession. Cinematic art has shown only a superficial interest in complex aspects of medical profession. An exception is Ingmar Bergman´s film “Wild Strawberries”, where Professor Isak Borg, a widowed 76-years-old physician, is to be awarded the Doctor Jubilaris degree, 50 years after he received his doctorate at Lund University. During the trip, Isak is forced by a nightmare to reevaluate his professional life as not being a virtuous doctor.

Palabras clave

Bioethics; Ethicists; Films; Medicine, motion picture

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