Reflexiones en torno a la Ley 20.584 y sus implicancias para la investigación biomédica en Chile

Sergio Valenzuela, Verónica Aliaga, Patricio Burdiles, Aurelio Carvallo, Eduardo Dìaz, Manuel Guerrero, Laura Rueda, Carlos Valenzuela


After years of discussion by the Chilean legislature, the Law Nº. 20.584, which regulates health care related rights and duties of people, entered into force in Chile in October 2012. This bill represents an important step in the recognition and protection of health care related rights, welfare, dignity and duties of persons. It also intends to protect potential participants in clinical research. However such protective measures include explicit prohibitions such as the review of clinical records or the inclusion of people with mental or psychological handicaps as research participants. We herein discuss the implications of this law in medical research.

Palabras clave

Biomedical research; Delivery of health care; Epidemiology; Jurisprudence

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