¿Se sustentan las Guías GES en trabajos científicos financiados por los Fondos de CONICYT?

Paulina Núñez F, Adrian Torres C, Rodolfo Armas M


Background: In Chile, 80 diseases were included in a health care system called Health Care Guarantees (GES) and clinical guidelines were elaborated for their management. Aim: To assess the scientific background of guidelines and if they were based on research financed by the Chilean National Commission for Science and Technology. Material and methods: The references of the 82 guidelines developed for 80 diseases were reviewed, registering their number, authors, country of origin and funding source. Results: The guidelines had a total of 6604 references. Of these, only 185 were Chilean (2.8%) and five (0.08%) originated from research financed by the National Commission for Science and Technology. Conclusions: The contribution of research funded by national agencies to the formulation of clinical guidelines is minimal.

Palabras clave

Chile; Health Planning Guidelines; Health policy

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