Madres y padres de adolescentes urbanos: percepciones y expectativas de la atención en salud sexual y reproductiva para sus hijos.

María Ximena Luengo Charath1, Teresa Millán Klüsse, Josefina Herreros Aguilar, Ana Zepeda Ortega, María Eugenia Henríquez Canessa


Studies have reported which expectations and demands adolescents have for more accessible sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services. However, there is limited information regarding parents’ requirements and demands for SRH services their adolescents need.
Aim: To explore the knowledge of parents regarding SRH needs of their adolescent daughters and sons and what they demand from primary health care services (PHCS).
Material and methods: A quali- quantitative, descriptive, cross-sectional study was performed. Nine fathers and 24 mothers were interviewed to design a survey. In the quantitative phase, 125 mothers voluntarily, anonymously and confidentially were interviewed. All participants were users of PHCS of urban communities in the Metropolitan Area showing a high percentage of births by adolescents’ mothers. Data analysis was descriptive and analytical. Results:Interviews served as input to design the questionnaire. Seventy seven percent (77, 6%) of interviewed mothers knew that their sons/daughters, regardless of their gender, had concern about sexuality; their main fear was adolescent pregnancy. Seventy six percent (76%) was aware that their sons/daughters might request attention in SRH clinics and 97% agreed that they should require these services during early adolescence. The most desirable features of such services were identified. Conclusions: Parents recognize that they would prefer their sons/daughters postponed sexual initiation; however, they are aware that pregnancy prevention is needed. Mothers approve SRH services. They agree that counseling to prevent pregnancies and sexual transmitted diseases (STD) and AIDS was an important issue. They require support for themselves and their sons/daughters.

Palabras clave

Adolescent; Fathers; Mothers; Parents; Reproductive health- Primary Health Care

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