Aspectos relevantes en el desarrollo del tutorial en aprendizaje basado en problemas desde la perspectiva de los tutores de la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad de La Frontera

Nancy Navarro H, José Zamora S


Background: In 2004 the Faculty of Medicine of Universidad de la Frontera in Chile implemented curricular changes, incorporating small group problem based learning in different carriers. Aim: To explore aspects that hamper or facilitate tutorial problem based learning from the perspective of tutors. Material and methods: Six in depth interviews and a focus group with tutors were carried out in 2010 and 2011. Data were analyzed through constant comparisons using the program ATLAS ti, guaranteeing credibility, reliance, validation and transferability. Results: Five hundred and twenty eight (528) significance units were identified and 25 descriptive categories emerged. The categories of tutor motivation, methodological domain, tutor responsibility, tutor critical capacity, disciplinary domain, student participation and tutor-student interaction were emphasized. Three qualitative domains were generated, namely tutor skills, transformation of student roles and institutional commitment. Conclusions: Tutorial teaching is favored by teachers when the institutions train them in the subject, when there is administrative support and an adequate infrastructure and coordination.

Palabras clave

Education, medical; Problem-based learning; Teaching

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