Evaluación de un programa ministerial para manejo del Síndrome metabólico en adultos con sobrepeso y obesidad.

Sandra Henríquez, Gladys Barrera, Sandra Hirsch, María Pía De la Maza, Natalia Jara, Laura Leiva, Daniel Bunout


Background: The Chilean Ministry of Health developed a healthy lifestyles intervention directed to adults with overweight and cardiovascular risk factors, called "Program on Healthy Eating and Physical Activity" (PASAF). Aim: To evaluate the impact of PASAF on nutritional status and metabolic parameters. Patients and methods: We analyzed databases from three primary care centers belonging to a municipality of Metropolitan Santiago. We selected adults enrolled in the PASAF during three years (2007-2009). The program lasted four months and included an assessment of anthropometric and metabolic parameters at baseline and at the end, eight workshops with a nutritionist, seven with a psychologist and 32 sessions of physical activity. Results: We evaluated 526 subjects aged ?18 years (93% females), of whom 85.6% attended the last appointment for assessment. Analyzing available data, attendance to workshops was <50% of the scheduled sessions. Weight, body mass index and waist circumference decreased significantly (median: -1.4 kg, -0.6 kg/m² and -3 cm, respectively). The median weight loss was 1.8% of initial weight and 17.1% of participants experienced a decrease ?5% of their initial weight. There were significant improvements in lipid levels and blood pressure among participants with lower initial excess weight. A reduction in fasting blood glucose was observed only among subjects who lost ?5% of their initial weight. Conclusions: The PASAF modestly reduced nutritional parameters. Correction of metabolic parameters was especially effective in less obese subjects. The attendance to workshops was low.

Palabras clave

Life style; Metabolic Syndrome X; Obesity

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