El aniversario 140 de la Revista Médica de Chile

Humberto Reyes B, Max Andresen H, Joaquín Palma H


The 140th Anniversary of Revista Médica de Chile

Revista Médica de Chile was founded in 1872 and thus is one of the oldest medical journals being published since the 19th Century. The sponsoring institution –“Sociedad Médica de Santiago”, founded in 1869- initially was the only scientific society in Chile, gathering medical doctors from every existing specialty. With the splitting of independent organizations representing specific specialties, including subspecialties of internal medicine, Sociedad Médica de Santiago focused its scope of action to become the “Chilean Society of Internal Medicine”. Its official journal –Revista Médica de Chile- is currently a general and internal medicine journal that also publishes articles on scientific and technological advances in many fields of medicine and health sciences. While initially all authors were Chilean, the journal is now open to submissions from abroad and since the year 2000 articles are published in English when the local language of authors is not Spanish. The number of articles received determines an increasing administrative and editorial burden and, together with the high cost of publishing, will require changes in publication policies. The journal will participate in continuing medical education programs as soon as reaccreditation of medical specialties becomes officially organized in Chile.

Palabras clave

Education, medical; History of Medicine; Journalism, medical.