William Osler (1849-1919): El hombre y sus descripciones

Pablo Young, Bárbara C. Finn, Julio E. Bruetman, John J. D. Emery, Alfredo Buzzi




William Osler was generally regarded as the greatest and most respected physician of his time. This paper describes Osler's life, his philosophy and views. He was an outstanding clinician who emphasized bedside teaching and observation. He possessed an extraordinary charm that inspired many others. As Professor of Medicine at four institutions in three countries, he was a great influence on medical education. He was a prolific writer, and his textbook became the most popular and widely read treatise on medicine in the world. He also was a medical historian, a classical scholar, and an avid bibliophile. He emphasized the value of hard work and ongoing education. His compassion and concern for patients and colleagues reflected his personality. We summarize Osler´s descriptions, and some of his aphorisms. His wisdom is as relevant now, as it was in his time. Osler blended the art and science of Medicine perhaps better than anyone else, and remains a valuable role model for students and physicians more than ninety two years after his death.

Palabras clave

Aphorisms and proverbs; History of Medicine; Portraits