La bioética actual: las interrogantes de Heidegger

Gustavo Figueroa



Bioethics was born not only as an aftermath of medical technological
advance but also from underlying philosophical conceptions about man, that
determine scientific research.  Analyzing
occidental ethics, Heidegger showed that animalism was the only human dimension
considered and thereby the domain of measurable objectiveness. He postulated
that the essence of human existence as being-in-the-world is ethical and
revealed through an original consciousness. Unlike moral conscience, original
conscience calls to authenticity, to hear his constitutive nihilism as  a “Being-refered-to-death”. The founding
ground of bioethics may be to listen to this primary being-guilty prior to the
derived guilts, e.g. faults, deficiencies and shortcomings of specific daily


Palabras clave

Bioethics; Conscience; Philosophy